Massage - Inter-mammary

Massage - Inter-mammary

Commonly known as ‘titty fucking’, Inter-Mammary Intercourse (IMI) is a sexual act that involves a penis being rubbed between the female breasts. Squeezing together the breasts will create resistance against the penis and produce an erotic, physical sensation similar to that of penetrative sex. Here we explain why IMI is attractive, how it works and a couple of guidelines about ejaculation etiquette.

Why the appeal?

To some extent, cultural practices and beliefs determine the degree to which breasts are viewed as sexual objects. One can infer from the Western style of dress, along with the high incidence of larger or artificial bust sizes, that the fetish of choice might likely be the breasts.

Breasts play an important role in human sexual behavior. Many women (and quite a few men) rely heavily on the breasts for stimulation during sexual arousal. For many women, having their breasts stimulated by actions such as rubbing the mound or sucking the nipple is extremely pleasurable. Using the penis as a means to caress the breasts during the course of sex can occur quite naturally, so it isn’t unreasonable to want to experiment more with that area.

The breasts and penis are stimulated by being rubbed against each other, and by the assistance of one or both sets of participants’ hands. The visual impression of IMI should also be appreciated; for some, just watching this erotic act is highly arousing.

How it Works

IMI has a couple of basic conditions that will help ensure trouble free success; the penis needs to be long enough and the breasts large enough. When both conditions are met the suggested positions will be easier to perform and physical limitations won’t hinder. A more generously endowed man has additional length to insert between the breasts and is free to experience a wider range of positions. A female with larger breasts can easily manipulate them, jiggling them up and down individually or both at the same time. If the female is flexible enough she can orally pleasure the penis as it is thrust deeply between her breasts.

Ejaculation Etiquette

The female can opt to receive ejaculate on her breasts, neck, face, or in her mouth. When the male is going to cum during the act of IMI, it is an important consideration to discuss ahead of time whether (or not) the female wants to receive ejaculate on her face or in her mouth; some women feel that ejaculation on the face is demeaning while others do not, whilst each has their own preference regarding cumming in the mouth. When it comes to any sexual act, it’s vital that both people feel comfortable before and after the undertaking.

Tips for Overcoming Physical Constraints

When either one or both partners can’t ‘measure up’, there are still some other possibilities. A less endowed man will want to capitalize on motion, positioning and agility in order to perform the act. This holds true for the ladies as well, as a small-breasted woman can achieve the effect of IMI by actions such as ‘bouncing her body’ as she holds her breasts together.

Additionally, whatever amount of breast she can’t sandwich the penis with, she can cover the gap by joining her hands together. Going one step further and interlacing the fingers will manually stimulate the topside of penis and provide yet another interesting dimension to this action.


Ensure that the positional height for both parties is comfortable and make adjustments accordingly. For example (depending on the position), to raise height use a pillow either underneath the kneeling female’s knees, or the laying male’s buttocks. If the bed is low, the female can sit, rather than kneel; alternatively, sturdy blocks can be used under the man’s feet to raise him up. If it is preferable, incorporate a back rest, or merely bent elbows, to raise the body up. Finally, ensure that a bottle of lubricant is nearby.

Suggested Positions

1. Man Sitting or Lying Back/Woman Kneeling:

The man lies down with the upper half of his torso on the bed (or sitting back on a couch) and his buttocks positioning at the edge; the knees are bent at approximately a ninety degree angle, feet are flat on the floor and legs are spread wide. The female kneels, sits, or squats in between his legs; she surrounds his penis with her breasts and begins the motion. If her neck is flexible enough, she can bend her head to have her mouth meet the head of his penis at his deepest thrust.

2. Woman Lying Down/Man Straddling:

The woman lies down on a bed or a couch. For added manoeuvrability, use pillows to prop her up. The man kneels on the bed and straddles her chest. As she holds her breasts together, he is free to thrust his penis in between them, and has the choice to rest his hands on her shoulders or hold onto something nearby for support. Otherwise, if his balance is good, he can lean back and use his fingers to caress her vagina. The other option is for the man is to hold the woman’s breasts together at the same time as penetrating them, leaving her hands free to wander. Again, if she doesn’t have any restrictions in her neck, she can bend it to receive his penis in her mouth.

3. Woman Lying Down/Man in Side Lunge:

This position is accessible if the bed or couch is low enough. The woman is positioned in the same manner as position 2, but with her head at the edge of the bed/couch. The man starts by kneeling on either side of the woman’s chest and places one of his feet on the floor for more stability. The next step is to switch his weight backward and forward between the foot on the floor and the knee on the bed/couch. It is an invigorating, athletic position, making him feel dominant and confident.

4. Man Standing/Woman Kneeling:

The man begins by standing; the woman kneels on the floor in front of him and envelopes his penis with her breasts. For his comfort and enjoyment, find a spot where he can place his hands, either behind him or by his sides, so that he can use them as leverage or to bear down up, while he rubs his penis between the breasts. The woman can participate equally in the motion by bouncing, or she can be the only one who plays a part.

Final Thoughts

A slippery lubricant on the penis and between the breasts can assist and enhance this sexual act enabling the penis to move more freely and smoothly between the breasts (and hands).

Respect and open-mindedness will also determine the outcome. Some women may feel that IMI is degrading because of the male’s dominating positions; they may even prefer to avoid this sexual activity altogether. However, these feelings may stem from feeling vulnerable, over-powered, or inadequate. As with any concerns the answer is to communicate with your sexual partner to resolve these issues, preferably before they arise.

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