Strip Teasing Guide - His

Strip Teasing Guide - His

Doing a striptease for your partner may not be the first on your list of seduction techniques. However, there are definite perks in it for the both of you. It's a great way to unwind, have fun, and show your sexual partner a fun and sexy side of you.

A sexy striptease doesn't require you to be an amazing dancer or have a sculpted physique. You only really need a willingness to try something new, enough resolve to carry it through, oh and yeah, a folding chair! Once you realize how easy it can be -not to mention how much it can turn both of you on - it'll be hard not to wanna shake your moneymaker. This article will prime you on striptease basics and set up you up with a routine from start to finish.

Before you Begin

It's a good idea to practice some moves beforehand and perform a warm up before you start. Ideally, this should be done in front of a mirror, which will allow you to mitigate things that could potentially be distracting for your subject e.g. goofy facial expressions.

Though a striptease isn't physically demanding, it's important to get comfortable with a few, simple body movements so that your attention can be focussed on your partner as you perform them. The ultimate test is to be able to do them with your eyes closed.

  1. Hip circles. Roll your hips around in a circular motion, as though you were trying to stir something with your hips. Attempt to keep the rest of your torso still as you do this. Alternate between slow and fast, then switch direction. Really feel the weight of your pelvis as your continue to practice this motion.

  2. Hip tips. Imagine your pelvis as a bowl of water. Keeping your knees very bent, dip your hips forward, as though you were pouring water out in front of you; go back to center; then tilt your hips back -which essentially thrusts your cock forward- to pour water out behind you.

  3. Talk with your eyes. Incorporate plenty of eye contact as you dance and peel away your clothes. The essence of a good striptease isn't necessarily in the dancing as it is in establishing a connection with your audience. You can seduce your subject with your eyes by exude confidence and prowess in your energy. By removing your clothes in a slow, sexy manner, you give your partner enough time to take it all in. Enjoy the wanting that begins to show in their gaze.

  4. Interact with your 'teasee.' This is the time when you're completely in control of the pace and intensity of seduction. The more time it takes, the more turned on your subject will become; the less they're permitted to touch, the more they'll be incensed with desire. Surprise your partner by tying their hands or blindfolding for part of the tease. Thrill them by doing things behind their back (see below). Teasing them with your moves is a lot easier than you think...

How to start

With all of your clothes on, stand just out of reach of your partner. Begin with your hip circles. At the start of the tease, it's almost expected that one or both of you will giggle or laugh. Let it happen; it'll allow the two of you to release nervous or bashful energy.

Once you've established a groove, approach your partner so that you're just close enough for them to touch you. Continue to work your hip circles and pelvic dips. At this point, you can run your fingers through your hair, across your chest, and over your package. Resist the urge to rip off your clothes; instead, tease your partner by bringing down your pant line or lifting up your shirt with one hand. Remember, the effect is in the anticipation that you create.

Bring yourself even closer to your subject. Remain in a standing position and straddle the chair. You can cool it with your gyrations somewhat, and focus instead on slowly removing your shirt while still maintaining eye contact. It's up to you whether you let them touch the merchandise now or save it till later. To keep them in suspense , you can playfully brush their hand away saying something like, not yet, or, I'll tell you when. Alternatively, you can stand there long enough for them to get a quick fix, running their fingers all over your chest or grabbing your butt.

Once your shirt's off, now what?

Here are two very hot options that you can do in whichever order you want:

  1. turn around and sit on their lap with your back towards them. To the beat of the music, grind your hips into theirs. You can also take an opportunity to run your own hands across their legs or reach behind to bring their body close to yours. Go ahead, let 'em kiss your back and your neck.

  2. Take a walk around their chair. When they can't see what you're doing, reach out and touch them wherever you think they'd appreciate it. Here's a tip that's sure to escalate the seduction: if their hair is long enough, slowly gather it in one hand, gently tug, and hold their face with the other hand as you kiss their neck from behind. To create an element of surprise while you're back there, you can remove your pants and even use them to tie her hands behind her back. From here, you can mosey your way back in front of your subject to; or stop at their side, turn towards them and brush their arm with your junk.

The finale

If you partner's hands are tied, you can undo the binding by straddling the chair again, this time facing towards them. Take this opportunity to kiss their neck, grind a little more, and allow them to indulge in your body with their hands, mouth, etc. Next, cast off your briefs in style.

Stand back up from the straddle, and invite your subject to assist in the removal of your remaining garment by gently shaking your hips. Stop just before your underwear slides past your penis for one last anticipatory moment, then drop your drawers. You can drag out the striptease a little longer using the aforementioned techniques, or enlist your partner to cast off their clothes for you, perhaps in the form of another striptease{her striptease guide}? As they'll likely be aroused and feeling eager, what you let them do to show their appreciation is entirely up to you.

Final Thought

If you've made an attempt to striptease for your sexual partner, congratulate yourself on a job well done! You have proven that you really are the man. And if you ever turn pro, remember where you learned your first lesson!

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