Role Play: Medical

Role Play: Medical

Taboo abounds when it comes to fetishes involving medical and hospital fantasies. Any time you engage in any role playing activities, pushing the boundaries of erotic creativity is always the name of the game, and the options for kinky quacks, sexy nurses, and the patients that love to be poked and prodded are practically endless. Is it getting hot in here? Maybe it's time to get your temperature checked... Oh nurse...

Why It's Hot

As far as 'bottoms' (submissive partners) are concerned, think about the real life implications of going to see a medical professional. You're usually in a vulnerable state because you're sick or injured, and all you want to do is get better. But in order to get well again, patients sometimes have to be subjected to embarrassing or, at times, even humiliating medical procedures - and they have to trust that their caretaker will do what's necessary to cure what ails them. And when the doc or nurse is hot, it's an extra incentive to grin and bear it. Many would contend that the desire to give in to another person so willingly, yet so unwillingly at the same time, is a mental struggle that conjures up deep primal instincts.

For the partner who chooses to be dominant in the scene, control becomes their 'medical specialty.' Once the boundaries of play are established by each person, the 'MD' teases their patient to the brink of ecstasy by delivering a playful - or scolding - mix of pain and pleasure. They can promise to make the unpleasantness of an exam worth it by offering rewards for their patient's compliance, or threaten a more extensive investigation if they don't fully submit. Keep in mind that the dominant doesn't necessarily have to inflict pain for this fantasy to be enjoyed; the patient can simply be kept in a state of not knowing what will happen next in order to heighten sexual arousal, or they can be nurtured back to health through sexual favors.


Doctor/Nurse and Patient

... a. Patient goes to see the doctor/nurse for a lack of libido. After a barrage of intimate and highly suggestive examination questions, s/he quickly realizes that the doctor is just the cure they were looking for ... b. Patient comes to see the doctor for an over-abundance of libido. It's shaping up to be a difficult case, so the doc calls in a nurse to 'assist' in the patient's treatment.

Doctor and Nurse

...Nurse asks doc to examine a sudden pain. The only thing is, the doc has to unbutton her dress to get a good feel for the situation...

Anesthesiologist and the Patient (they put to 'sleep')

... Dentist leaves the room while his patient gets put under. The anesthesiologist takes advantage of the situation by giving the patient a 'something-extra' to help them relax.

Intern/Candy-striper and Patient

... Intern arrives for her first day and is immediately assigned to stay with an unruly patient - alone - until they calm down. The patient capitalizes on the intern's naivety, tricking her into doing successively more sexual tasks; e.g. accidentally grazing her breasts as she fluffs his pillow ... while she's adjusting the sheets, your raging hard-on rises to the occasion.

What You May Need (Costumes and Props)


- lab coat; stethoscope; loose fitting 'patient' gown (make sure one side doesn't close all the way); homemade sexy nurse outfits e.g. white zip up dress with matching bra and panty /demure button up blouse and skirt with racy black lingerie underneath, white cap, white thigh-high stockings; or, ready-made nurse, dentist, or doctor's outfit purchased from adult or costume store.


A 'lite' kit containing kinky medical gadgets can be put together fairly easily by using items normally found around the house or in a pharmacy. The following are some ideas to get you started:

A more thorough doctor may also want to include items that are rather specialized, which may require the purchase of some supplies:

Ice Breakers & Momentum Makers

Many people shy away from role playing because they feel embarrassed, or worry that they'll sound/look stupid. Contrary to this belief, a few keys phrases are often all it takes to get into character and get the fun rolling – at which point who really cares?? Get into the spirit of a medical fantasy with phrases like:

To maintain momentum as your play progresses, try saying:

When you think about things you say during a role play, consider it more like witty banter, rather than cheesy dialogue. The point is to establish some ground for your shared fantasy, to try and keep a straight face while you say or do something that ups the tension and keeps your partner guessing!

Final Thoughts

A great way to come up with more dialogue ideas is to read up on erotica that centers around your role play fantasy of choice. The more you become familiar with the type of language used, the easier and more natural it will feel to embody your 'role'.

Do you have any great lines that can be used in medical role play? Help your fellow fetishists by posting them below...!

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