Strip Teasing Guide - Hers

Strip Teasing Guide - Hers

Sexy is as sexy does and anyone can do it, and we mean anyone! Each one of us has parts of our body that we'd rather not draw attention to, but you don't have be a perfect ten to put on a show that he'll love. The key to stripping success is not in being what you think your man wants. It comes from doing what makes you feel sexy and exuding that self confidence with your body and your seductiveness.

Why men like it

Watching a strip tease is a turn on for men for reasons obvious and not. Men are very visual creatures (obvious). Seeing a woman strut around in a sexy outfit is extremely appealing and the schwing factor in that is pretty much given. Though many women worry over their own particular imperfections, men simply don't see them in the same way, if at all. This brings us to the next point…

The fella that's fortunate enough to be given a strip tease by his lady is going to be very appreciative; the last thing he'd do is be critical! Not only will he be a receptive audience, he'll fondly (and quite regularly) recall the time you donned the garters and heels to give him a private show. Talk about a healthy boost to the ego!

Men like to look and touch, but they also respond well to sexual tease. There's something very alluring about a woman who's secure enough in her sexuality to tantalize and seduce whom she desires. It makes him want to take her, yet at the same time want to be had by her. Seducing through strip tease is playful way to flirt and a fantastic way to spice up foreplay.

Learn from the experts

A great way to pick up stripping tips is by taking a dance class. Dance classes with a sexy flavor can be found virtually everywhere and can range from pole dancing, burlesque, strip tease, belly dancing, or even something more mainstream like jazz. It's a fun way to connect with other like-minded individuals and just let loose.

If classes aren't your preference, there are other options. These days you can rent or borrow instructional exotic dance dvds. Moreover, there are many sources to refer to online. Searching with a key phrase like 'best movie strip tease scenes' will provide plenty of results and great artistic fodder. You'll pick up some great hints from on screen divas like Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies or strip tease starring Demi Moore. Your performance may not be as elaborate, but you needn't to compare yourself to professionally trained dancers. Just have fun!


The art of seduction lies in the mind-set that you adopt. Many women discover creative license when treat strip teasing like playing a role. Allow yourself to assume a new identity, one that, for the next fifteen minutes, isn't a student, a wife, a mom, etc. Instead, you become your sexy, alter-ego: the innocent school girl, a naughty professor or a pseudo dominatrix.

Remember,, says exotic dance instructor Wendy Reardon, you are dancing for yourself, not performing for him. Once women embrace this approach to personal expression, they might actually be surprised by how naturally strip tease comes to them.


Pick out lingerie that you feel really sexy in. If you aren't comfortable in it, it'll make itself obvious during your performance. Use accessories that complement the mood you're in or the character you want to embody. Though it's fun to buy accoutrements, items that you pass over in your closet can assume a whole, new purpose given the right opportunity: belts, long necklaces, boas, scarves, blindfolds, or if you've got them, ah hem, whips and cuffs?

It's also fun to incorporate an element of surprise. You could debut your sexy new lingerie, sport a pair of pasties under your bra, or wear an item from your subject's closet such as a tie or a dress shirt. When you select something to cover up your undergarments, make sure that you can remove it easily without having to pull it over your head.


There are so many items commonly found around the house that'll make perfect props. A folding chair is practically a must. You can easily straddle your subject as he's sitting on it, and if you can find another one, you can incorporate it into your dance.

Doorways and walls will also do nicely. Doorways are excellent to brace yourself against, especially when you do dance moves that require squatting. Standing in an upright push-up position, you can lean upon it to accentuate your hip movement, or put your back against it and slowly slide down. Most women don't have stripper poles in the bedroom, but bedposts and hand railings are superb substitutes.

Ways to Seduce/Art of Seduction

  1. Be yourself.

  2. Eye contact is very seductive; use lots of it.

  3. Touch your body as dance with yourself. Make sure to bestow attention to all parts of your body.

  4. Switch between front and back view; definitely do the look back.

  5. Don't fuss about mistakes.

  6. If one or both of you giggle, don't let it stop you. You may just need to release nervous.

  7. Wear comfortable high heels. They make sexy dance moves easier to do and enhance your posture, which accentuates your assets.

  8. Set rules like, 'I can touch you, but you can't touch me,' or, 'if you touch me, your hands get tied 'til.' Do your damndest to make him want to break them.

5 Must-do Moves

  1. Work the hair - including any or all of the following moves will boost sensuality exponentially: head tip, hair flip, head roll, head sway, hair being thrown back, hair twirl.

  2. Figure-eights- try doing continuous figure eights using only your hips. These are easiest to do with hands braced upon a sturdy surface. With your legs spread apart and hands on hips, do the same motion slowly as you descend into a squat. Repeat motion while in a shallow lunge position.

  3. Hip circles- these are simple to do, especially as you're disrobing. They complement slow pirouettes nicely and can be done in lieu of figure-eights.

  4. Hip bends- bending forward at the waist, hold onto something in front of you and slowly rotate your hips as though you were polishing something with your butt. Then, fold yourself completely so that you can almost touch your toes. With knees bent, slowly you return your body upright.

  5. Getting down on all fours - crawl towards him slowly; be sure to give him a rear view too. If you've got hardwood floors, a thick blanket will ease the strain on your knees and exaggerate your movements by spreading your arms and legs as you move.

Set the Mood

Creating the right atmosphere will get both of you into the spirit of things. Set the temperature of the room so that the two of you will be warm enough sans clothing. Move furniture around to accommodate your props; don't forget that you can throw a dark sheet on sturdy surfaces (like a coffee table) to incorporate into your dance. Consider some of these other mood-enhancing measures: dim lights, lit candles, and regular light bulbs replaced with colored ones.


The right song can accentuate your performance and get both of you in the right frame of mind. Slow music is easiest to dance to, though a medium-pace can be effective if appropriately chosen. You can make a playlist with at least three songs in it but chances are you'll need more to it than that; the tunes will probably provide a soundtrack for post-strip tease activities.

Overcoming Shyness

We can certainly be our own worst critics. If you're self conscious person, it's natural to feel a little nervous about doing a strip tease for your partner. 'What if I look stupid,' or, 'my body just isn't good enough,' may run through your mind, but it's important to recognize that negative self talk prevents you from participating in empowering activities that make you feel good.

The truth is, no matter what you do, no matter what you look like, your audience of one will glow with desire and pride after watching you get your groove on. Just focus on enjoying yourself and share the sexiness that's stored inside of you.

Final Thought

If you look like you love the skin you're in, your audience will love it too (probably more!). If bashfulness or insecurity get in the way, remember that the one that you're dancing for is on your side.

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