Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic Hair Removal

History shows that pubic hair removal is a type of body cosmetology alive and well since the beginning of time, especially when we look at civilizations such as those from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Scandinavia. This practice has continued to evolve over the years with ever-increasing popularity across the globe. In most civilizations genital hair removal began initially with females, with hairlessness being symbolic of youth and beauty. Over the years more and more styles and procedures have evolved with spas and institutions opening to provide specialized services, techniques, and designs in these hard to reach spots. From female grooming, ¨manscaping¨ otherwise known as male hair removal was born, quickly gaining popularity and becoming highly sought after by both heterosexual and homosexual males alike. The pornography industry has also helped to propagate the popularity of hair removal and sexy shave jobs, with porn stars leading the way with their sexy designs and creations down under. However, a well groomed genital area is not just for the rich and famous –all of our sex lives can blossom and bloom with things clean, well kept, and sexually appealing, south of the border.

Hair removal not only leaves the genital area silky smooth, irritation and odor free, and intensely aesthetically appealing, but makes for orgasm-inducing oral sex on both the givers and receivers end! For both men and women alike, hair removal boasts increased appeal, leaving you with a neatly groomed, well manicured area to be played with. For women, the result is a smaller looking pubic area and a longer looking torso. For men a nicely shaved genital area can increase in appearance the size and aesthetic appeal of your unit. Plus, nothing beats oral sex on a man or woman without a jungle of pubic hair to distract and bother you from the real labor of love at hand!

Thinking about pubic hair removal? Or maybe you've already been there, done that, and are left trying to decide what style, shape, or design to try? Let´s compare your options so that you can get started on your spring cleaning a little early this year!

Choosing a Grooming Option:

The options for pubic hair removal vary according to the duration (how long you'll be left hair-free), level of pain associated with the procedure of choice, cost, and maintenance.


For the quick, easy, homemade fixer-upper, there is still no faster and more affordable solution to hair removal, than tidying things up with your handy dandy razor. However, a word of caution, if you're going farther south than the front door you want to be VERY careful not to knick yourself among the ridges, crests, wrinkles, and folds! This may be especially true for men shaving their testicles, women wanting to get a really clean shave from the area around the vaginal opening, and for those wanting a nicely shaved anus. In order to avoid any unwanted emergencies that wind you up in a bloody mess, take the following precautions: use a new razor, lay down with a towel under your tush, position yourself in from of a mirror so that you can see what you are doing, hold the skin around where you are shaving taught with your non-shaving hand, make sure the area is nicely wet (no dry shaving please) and that you use a genital-friendly soap or shaving cream, shave in small areas working slowly and cautiously, remove soap/hair shavings well with a soft washcloth or sponge and cold water which doubles to help close hair follicles and prevent infection, pat dry with a clean soft towel –and voila! A perfectly shaved pussy or unit!

Advantages: fast, pain free, private, and affordable pubic hair removal fix, all from the comfort of your own home

Disadvantages: requires very regular upkeep and can cause irritation in this sensitive region


Waxing the genital region, otherwise known as pubic topiary, involves removing the hair from the root with the use of a hot or cold wax that is quickly stripped off to remove unwanted hair. While waxing your genital area yourself from home is absolutely possible, we recommend having the procedure performed by a professional, at least for the first few times until you get the idea of how things are done. Regardless of which form you choose (home or spa) and which style you choose (American, French, or Brazilian), the best way to prepare for the wax is shower the night or the day before, cleaning and exfoliating your skin well. Some people like to take a pain reliever such as aspirin twenty minutes before, and it is recommendable to trim your hair down to about quarter of an inch. The most popular forms of bikini waxing include: the American, the French, and the Brazilian.

The American Bikini Wax

The most simple and basic of the three styles involves removing a minimal amount of hair from the navel down to where the bikini would show and the hair at the top of the legs.

The French Bikini Wax

This model takes the middle ground between the American and the Brazilian wax, removing a moderate amount of hair from the pubic region. Here, all hair is removed while leaving a thick line (2 or 3 finger widths) of pubic hair just above the woman's vulva or man´s penis. This method can also involve removal of hair on the buttocks, anus and perineum.

The Brazilian Bikini Wax

More and more men and women are enjoying the benefits of this long lasting hair removal option. For either gender, The Brazilian wax works to remove all hair in the genital region from front to back including the buttocks, anus, and perineum as well as the vulva for women and the scrotum for men. This procedure leaves you 100% silky smooth, irritation and hair free. The procedure lasts about 45 minutes depending on the salon. The Brazilian wax is a great option if you are looking for a long lasting, but not permanent, solution. Regular upkeep will be necessary, though much less often than having to shave, since the hair is removed from the root. The added bonus here is that you sit back and relax (level of relaxation will vary due to individual pain tolerance!) while someone else pampers and perfects your lady parts or in the case of our male readers –your crown jewels.

Advantages: fairly long lasting, smooth results

Disadvantages: time consuming, moderately expensive, can be painful

Depilatory Creams

Unlike waxing which pulls the hair out at the root, depilatory creams work by dissolving the hair from the base to the tip. These creams use alkalis chemicals to dissolve the keratin in the hair. Depilatory creams are topical ointments not meant for sensitive membranes and should not be used near the vaginal opening or on the scrotum.

Advantages: economical, faster, easier, and closer method than with shaving and with longer lasting results, done from home.

Disadvantages: messy, uneven results, unpleasant smell, contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious skin irritation, burns, blisters, and allergies.


First used by Egyptians as early as 3000 BC, who used a combination of sugar and honey to create a paste used to removal unwanted (which for them meant ALL!) bodily hair. This ancient method has become highly popularized as one of the safest and gentlest form of hair removal on today´s market. Unlike regular waxing the sugar substance does not adhere to the skin cells, thereby avoiding unnecessary damage and pain. Since it is a gentler procedure than regular waxing, the individual hairs are less likely to break, which means less chance for ingrown hairs. Not only does this procedure not cause damage, it actually works as an exfoliation to improve the condition of the skin.

Advantages: long lasting, less abrasive,

Disadvantages: may be painful for some, moderately expensive

Laser and Electrolysis

If you are looking for something more permanent, laser hair removal or electrolysis may be right just what you're looking for. Some people recommend having a Brazilian wax done beforehand to see if you like the look before advancing to this more permanent option. Laser hair removal works by using a tool that impedes the growth of the chosen follicle. Electrolysis also works on individual follicles, using a specialized tool to shoot electricity into the follicle and kill the hair at its very root. These types of procedures take about 10 minutes and the effects last about 6 weeks; the procedure is thereby repeated until the follicles are sufficiently damaged that hair no longer grows. This is the best option for minimal maintenance and eventual permanent silky smooth hair free status!

Advantages: long lasting - permanent

Disadvantages: expensive, painful

Once you have decided on your method of choice, make sure to check out our article on Sexy Shave Jobs and Pubic Hairstyles: how to crown your jewels, royally!, for creative ideas and new ways to surprise your partner!

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