Jelqing Techniques

Jelqing Techniques

Notice: There have been reports of men causing temporary and permanent damage to their ability to have an erection applying jelqing techniques, and we are not aware of any studies confirming any benefits. We are in no way endorsing these techniques, they are here to provide an introduction of the topic without having to buy an ebook.

For centuries men have obsessed over their penis size and shape, and in this modern age this fascination hasn’t changed much. As a matter of prestige or status, experimentation through the ages has produced numerous techniques for penis enlargement, but amongst the first known is undoubtedly the technique we now know as jelqing.

Jelqing is probably the simplest known penis enlargement method, and has certainly been the most commonly used over time. It consists of grasping the base of the penis and then gently forcing the hand towards the head of the penis, causing the whole member to swell under the increased blood pressure. The penis should never be fully erect (this is NOT masturbation), as it must be partially flaccid in order for the tissue to stretch. Various methods are described in more detail below.

A common regime might involve jelqing only 20 – 30 minutes per day, two or three days in a row, with a rest day taken before starting again. Over-rubbing can result in soreness, and excessive abrasion in the shedding of skin from the penis; these conditions can be alleviated by using a lubricant during sessions. If bruising occurs, take a couple of days off, and wait until the penis fully heals before continuing.

But Does It Work?

The short answer is ‘possibly, but often not as advertised.’

Many ‘technique vendors’ profess to have seen men increase their size two or more inches within weeks or months of using jelqing. While there is little clinical research available to either prove or disprove these claims, the vast majority of anecdotal evidence suggests it simply doesn’t work. Most men reporting on blogs and other online forums (the only place where this subject is discussed at any length) seem to agree that gains reported in this way appear minimal at best. Furthermore, most of these forums also include a healthy number of warnings about the risks involved, something many vendors fall short on.

While relatively safe overall, excessively rough jelqing appears to have the potential to cause problems. This can happen with men who rush to get faster results, ignoring body signals (pain and soreness) and not giving the body sufficient time to recover in between sessions.

Because the penis is a vascular organ (that is, composed mostly of blood vessels), it does not respond the same way that muscle tissue would to the same treatment. Incorrect jelqing can result in at least two different types of problems, including permanent bruising, and aggravation of Peyronie’s Disease (if this condition is already present).

There is however, plenty of real-world evidence, from both the medical world and in tribal practices that suggest that jelqing techniques can work to some degree - given enough time.

Tissue expansion has been used for years in reconstructive surgery after mastectomy (breast removal due to cancer), and replacement skin for burn recovery is now routinely ‘grown’ by stretching existing skin near the injury.

Various native cultures have practiced body stretching very successfully, proving this style of body modification is also possible. Among the most famous of these are the Suri and Mursi peoples of Ethiopia, and the Botocudo and Suya peoples from South America, who practiced lip stretching. This is not to mention the Asian practice of foot binding, or the famous “giraffe women” of the Paduang tribe in Burma. Historically, penis stretching was performed by the holy Sadhus of India, the Cholomecs of Peru, and the Papua Indians from the island of Papua New Guinea. In the case of the holy Sadus, the stretching was so extreme that the penis was rendered totally useless for normal use.

Clearly the male body can, and does, respond to pressure applied to it over time, suggesting that jelqing might be a valid method for penis enlargement. But it must also be said that differences in body types and method of application must alter the rate of results. If you set out on a program, take it seriously and use a tracking method to relatively compare your results, and to watch for ill penis health effects.

Jelqing Techniques:

The Basic Jelq

Begin by applying generous amounts of lube (advisable for all jelqing techniques). Grasp the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger, like making an ‘ok’ sign around the shaft and apply firm but gentle pressure. This is the ‘standard grip’. This motion must be performed with the penis semi-erect, as all of the ‘pumping’ jelqing exercises are not effective if the penis is either flaccid or fully erect. It must be at the mid point. If you experience a full erection, simply stop for a minute or two until the penis is once again partially soft.

Starting at the base of the penis, gently pull up the shaft just to the base of the penis head, taking about 2 – 3 seconds to complete the motion. The objective is to GENTLY move the blood up the shaft and then into the head of the penis. As with any jelqing technique, if there is pain at any point, relax off the motion immediately. The goal is gentle pressure, which may not be comfortable, but must never be outright painful.

Repeat this at exercise at least 50 times per session, up to 5 times per week. Again, if you experience pain, stop the exercise for several days.

Slow Crank

This is a simple but well rounded ‘stretching’ exercise that strengthens all the ligaments supporting the penis (attachment to the pubic bone). Grasp just behind the penis head with the standard grip. Then starting either in the upward (12:00) or downward (6:00) position, slowly rotate the penis like the hands of a clock in a full circle. Each ‘round’ should take 8 to 10 seconds to perform.

You can perform this in either direction (clockwise or counter clockwise), but it must be performed slowly. Because all the ligaments are involved, extra care must be taken to allow for smooth transition between each of them – even pressure must be applied to each to stay safe.

Penile Slapping

This is an advanced exercise, best left for your second of third month of jelqing. It is also best performed later on in your routine, when the ligaments have warmed up.

Using one hand to cover and protect the testicles, lightly pinch the base of the penis between thumb and index finger. Then, using a ‘flipping’ motion, slap it up and down, ‘slapping’ up against the abdomen (stomach) and down against the back of the other hand. Perform 200 – 300 repetitions per session, as often as every other day.

Tension Stretch

This jelqing exercise is performed in a sitting position. The penis is grasped just behind the head with one hand, using the other hand for support around the first.

From a sitting up position, gently pull the penis straight out while leaning back at the same time, producing a ‘two way’ stretch. Stop and hold when you feel a good stretch, but BEFORE you experience any pain. Again, no jelqing exercise should ever produce pain. Hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds. Perform this exercise no more than twice per week.

Side-to-side Stretch

Begin in a standing position with the semi-erect penis pointing down to the floor. Grasp with the standard grip just behind the penis head and pull down towards the floor. The legs should be at least twice shoulder width apart.

Then, moving like the arm of a grandfather clock, move back and forth while maintaining tension in a downward stretch. Touch each leg once to complete a repetition. Perform at least 75 – 100 repetitions, up to three times per week.

Towel Raises

This is another strengthening exercise that focuses on the PC muscles. It can be performed by beginners or by advanced exercise, depending on the amount of weight used.

(Note: the pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. It controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. The PC muscle also allows men to move the penis up and down while the penis is erect. This is in essence a Kegel exercise contraction. This is the same action that occurs when the testicles lift up.)

For this exercise the penis must be fully erect. Starting in a standing position may be easier at first, but you can also sit on the edge of a chair with the penis and testicles hanging over the edge.

Lay a tea towel over the penis and using only the strength of the PC muscle, slowly raise it up as far as possible and hold for 3 – 4 seconds. As you develop more strength, gradually lengthen the amount of time you hold for, up to 10 seconds per repetition. The towel can also be wetted for extra weight. Perform this exercise as often as every other day.

Leg Tuck Pull

Another stretching exercise, this jelq begins with you sitting in a reclined position (leaning back on your arms), or lying on your back. The penis must be semi-erect.

Grasp the penis with the reverse of the standard grip (thumb down), just behind the penis head, and point it towards your toes. Then, very slowly raise your legs, leaving room for your arm in between holding the penis, until the knees come up to the chest.

Maintain a light pulling pressure on the penis towards your feet. You should feel a stretch as the legs come up, but remember that you should never feel any pain. Perform 10 repetitions of this jelqing technique to start with (move up to 20 – 25 after a month or so), up to twice per week.

'AC' Lengthening Pull

Lay on your side with your legs perpendicular to your torso (forming a 90 degree bend at your hips), and tuck the penis between the legs and hold it there (create a ‘man-gina’). Then slowly straighten your torso, taking about 5 seconds for the motion to finish. You should feel a nice stretch! After 5 minutes, you must look at the glans (to ensure proper circulation).

Perform this technique twice per week, or only once per week if you are using one of the other advance stretching techniques in the same week. This is another more advanced jelqing technique, so leave it out for the first month or two.

The ‘Oriental Massage’

This technique uses several of the other techniques in combination. It also uses the Eastern concept of Chi (‘life energy’). Begin with a deep belly-breath breath in, imagining your penis filling with energy.

With one finger, press lightly on the skin between the scrotum and anus, pressing the prostate, to ‘hold’ the energy in. With the other hand, grasp behind the penis head and pull straight out gently 8 -10 times. Repeat this pulling/breathing to the left and right sides also. Never cause yourself pain, just a firm stretch.

With the penis semi-erect, again use the standard grip (make a ring with thumb and forefinger like an ‘ok’ sign) and ‘milk’ the penis, pushing blood into the head 8 -10 times.

Now the penis should be close to or fully erect. Pulling it to one side, rotate it in a cranking motion on that side 8 -10 times. Repeat on the other side. Repeat this every other day at most, and stop for a few days if you experience extended discomfort. Always finish off your jelqing routine with a soak in the bath or hot tub as a ‘cool down’.

Other Stretching Methods

Methods other than jelqing exist on the market today that are based on the same premise of tissue stretching, including hanging weights and ‘stretching machines’.

Hanging weights are not recommended by anyone but the vendors who sell them. This is because of the extreme danger of using such a method. Using this method, a set of weights (gradually increasing over time) are hung with a ‘harness’ or ring around the head of the head of the penis.

The concern here lies mostly in the uncontrolled nature of the force on the penis. While weights have a set weight, body movement will jostle them around, causing uneven pressure, lessening the effectiveness of the treatment. It is nearly impossible to maintain a consistent pressure with this method.

Finally there is also is the potential for the weights to get caught or hung up during daily life, even when worn under clothing. A sharp enough tug on the penis while it is already under pressure could easily cause severe damage.

A variation on this method is the penis stretching machine. These devices took the above idea, but made the pressure more consistent. Although arguably safer, these machines are expensive, usually running between $250 – $400 US. There are now a great number of different ‘jelqing machines’ available from different vendors.

What brings these machines into question are the practices involved with the sales and marketing used to sell them. Use of false doctors and false documentation, various ‘small print’ disclaimers and other tactics are rampant, making it difficult to make a fair purchase for a fair price. Potential consumers need to look very carefully into every step if making such a purchase.

Ultimately, we recommend that you avoid weights for safety reasons, and avoid jelqing machines until the penis enlargement industry upgrades its ethical practices overall.

The Long and The Short Of It

In the end, what every man needs to do is to ask himself if he really needs enlargement in the first place. With the average penis being between 4 and 6 inches fully erect, you probably aren’t that badly off in the first place. And when all is said and done, the sexual satisfaction that can be obtained through improving your sexual technique should be more important than looks or statistics.

If you are still interested in using jelqing as a method for enlargement of your penis, the best advice we can give you is to do your research carefully, and try it out for yourself for free. Track your results, and stick to a regimented schedule just the way you would for any other body regime, and keep an eye out for your sexual health and safety.

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