Household Sex Props

Household Sex Props

Looking for something to spice up your sex life only to find your head (and your wallet) spinning with all the online or sex store options? Maybe you’re too shy to hit the store yourself, or you just want something under the radar. What did men and women do before the sex toy industry made its mark on the world? Maybe it's time to take a step back, save yourself some time, money and trouble, and not reinvent the wheel for once; sexy stage props are right under your nose and ready at your fingertips!

Read on to discover ten sexy props that are disguised as household objects!


The kitchen is a bit of a sex toy store in and of itself, especially when we take a look inside the refrigerator; here the possibilities are almost endless.

Sweets for my sweet, honey for my honey. You name it, you can use it. Be it whipped cream to design an edible bikini or a thong for him, chocolate sauce, or strawberries, you're about to sweeten things up big time. Ice cream is a sure-fire winner, destined to drive your partner wild with titillating sensations created by the icy cold cream on his or her south end, while you warm him or her up in other ways; and what could be tastier?

Forget what your ma and pa told you about not playing with your food, but do remember your veggies, son! Think the Sex and the City episode with Samantha Jones sexily sprawled on the dining room table with her naked body displaying the delicate sushi dinner carefully prepared for her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, and you're right on the mark. While it doesn't have to be quite so over the top, it certainly can be as creative as you want to get. For newbies, or just something simpler than a whole Japanese buffet, start out with basic fruits and veg. Pick out your favorite long fruit or veggie for you or you and your partner to play with as a dildo, and you can slide on a condom to protect you from bacteria and breakages. Cucumber, slim eggplants or zucchini, and bananas all work wonderfully.


You may be thinking of a nightcap or something like a bottle of wine to set the mood and loosen you up. This can certainly do the trick and work its magic in terms of lowering inhibitions, relaxing the mood, and moving things in a sexy direction. However, drink can be used on a whole other and more exciting level.

Think about using the senses to heighten sexual arousal. This can be achieved using beverages, by focusing on the ideas of heat, cold, taste, smell, and texture to kiss - for foreplay and to perform oral sex. Try bringing two cups to bed with you, one with hot tea or hot chocolate and the other with ice water or another icy beverage of your choice. Take a mouthful of one, give it a good swish, swallow and then go back to kissing, foreplay, or performing oral. Later take a mouthful of the other, swish, repeat, and watch them enjoy! You can create other sexy sensations by doing the same with carbonated beverages, champagne, ice cubes and ice cream, and mint teas or candies.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, and aren’t afraid of a little mess, pouring champagne on each other and licking yourselves clean can be hotter than hell!

Scarves and Ties

Whether you choose to wear one with little to nothing else, or use them to tie each other up, or down, scarves and ties are a bedroom staple that you can always find hanging around the house. Silk and satin scarves and ties have a sexy feel to them as they brush against the skin making them the perfect household sex prop.

These materials are not only great for their sexy feel, but for their versatility. Using scarves to blindfold you partner is a surefire way to heighten their other senses, and surprise them with whatever it is you choose to tease and delight them with, such as one of our other top ten household sex toys! If you prefer your partner to take in the show visually, they can also be used to tie their wrists and ankles to the bedposts, or even a chair, while you have your way with them!


Be it your child's bath-time baby oil or the coconut oil from the kitchen, these can be your best friends in the bedroom when you're in a pinch and out of the real stuff. The great thing about oils, is that they can be used in countless ways. Oils, especially natural edible ones such as coconut or olive oil, make for great masturbation tools, whether you're going at it solo, or with your partner – and coconut oil tastes great if you're moving from a hand-job or fingering to oral sex. Oils of just about any kind are your right hand man for sensual massage to start the day or night off right, and move on to one of our other top ten, just remember to pick one with a pleasing smell.

If you're into setting the mood and don't have candles or essential oils on hand, try throwing a handful of rose petals or eucalyptus leaves in the rice cooker with water for a spa-like effect and mega relaxation.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the sexiest one of all? Whether you're going at it solo or getting it on as a couple, the next time you're in the mood, try bringing a full length mirror into the room for some sexy visual action. In general, people love to watch porn and people love to look at themselves... a mirror merges those two loves for a true show stopper.

If you have mirrors on your closet or bedroom doors, great, use them to your advantage. If you're bringing them in from elsewhere, play with their placement to get the angels you're looking for. Try moving them closer and farther away from your bed for different effects. Undress each other in front of the mirror and watch the temperature rise. If your partner isn't 100 percent comfortable with the idea because of self esteem issues you can try dimming the lights or turning them off completely and using candles. Candles and mirrors work fabulously together, creating a romantic effect and a sexy glow of the flames flickering in the glass while you get down to business.

The Shower Head

The bathroom is another fantasy land as far as getting it on is concerned. You are already wet and naked, so why not get a little dirty – you can wash off and make yourself presentable when you're good and ready! Your shower head is one of the hand-down favorite and sure-to-please and bring-you-to-your-knees, tools in your house. It is the perfect female masturbation companion, whether alone or with company. You or your partner can place the shower head between your legs at whatever distance feels comfortable to you, ideally aiming for your clitoris and labia (the lips of the vagina), and let the rhythm of the spray work its magic.

Experiment with different pulses, forces, and temperature for added pleasure. A favorite is on a harder pulse (rather than spray) setting with warm water. Try not to aim the water directly up into the vagina, as this can wash away healthy flora and bacteria that are present in order to protect your lady parts from bacteria and other unwelcome visitors.

The same idea can be used to stimulate other erogenous zones such as the breasts, neck, inner thighs, a man's perineum, and anus. Trust us, we've just given you a whole lot more to belt out the next time you're singing in the shower!

if you don't have a handheld mutli setting deluxe showerhead, it’s time to take a trip to the hardware store pronto!

The Electric Toothbrush

If the showerhead didn’t quite do the trick, a little more direct contact might be in order. The electric toothbrush might only be marketed to buff your pearly whites, but what the dentist didn't tell you is that it can get into a whole lot more hard-to-reach places than just those back teeth!

Give it a wash with soap and warm water, dry it off, fire it up, and it's yours (or yours and your partner's) for the night. Have him press it gently against your clitoris and guide his movements to wherever and whatever feels good to you. If you feel like it, have him insert it inside of you while the gentle buzzing motions send you over the moon. Don't feel like you need a partner in crime for this one, it's a perfect tool for the lone soldier as well! Bonus: most are waterproof, meaning they can be used in tandem with that deluxe showerhead you just installed!

The Back Massager

Really honey, are you sure it’s your back that’s sore? A little lower, a little lower… there, now you've got it! You don't need too much imagination to figure out how your back massager can be used as a vibrator. While women are more inclined to be using this one to bring on the big O, it can be used to stimulate man's sensitive sexual parts during sex as well.

Use the back massager-turned vibrator during foreplay, oral or sex, or intercourse for great results. You can start by actually using the back massager for its originally intended purpose, massaging the back and shoulders and moving down, down, down, until you get to the hot spots. If you are performing the massage on your man, when you reach his private parts, gently place the massager on his perineum, the area between his testicles and his anus while using your hands, mouth or vagina to stimulate his penis directly... or alternatively, hold it against his shaft while his glans head vibrates against your mouth!

Whether the back massager is used on a man or a woman, the combination of relaxation and arousal your partner will experience is a knockout combo sure to curl their toes and leave them begging for more.


If you've spent any time on our website, you'll be able to attest the plethora of sex positions that await you. What you may have overlooked, since they’re usually laying under your head, is just what you need to help you get in, and stay in, some of the more hard to reach sex positions and poses. Just think of all the benefits of these handy little guys, they're soft, movable, and come in all shapes, textures, densities, and sizes.

Make sure to experiment with different placements to make almost any position more comfortable, and more importantly, to improve the angles... a subtle shift in alignment can be a game changer!

The Feather Duster

Last, but not least, in this edition of great household props is the feather duster. You can play the sexy maid while you tease and tickle your partner in his most sensitive places for a sure fire foreplay session bound to lead up to some mind-blowing sex. Just make sure the feather duster is clean and dust free so you don't give your partner a sneezing attack that could ruin the mood! Hot spots sure to please include: the back, belly button, inner thighs, breasts, in and around the butt cheeks, soles of the feet, and the neck.

If you have any suggestions for props we’ve overlooked, make sure to comment below so that we can add them to the next edition!

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