Top Sex Fantasies - His

Top Sex Fantasies - His

While all of us - male or female, young or old, thin or thick - fantasize from time to time, most men do it quite often. In truth, most women are completely perplexed by men's fantasies – dreams of sexual rendezvous with prostitutes, nuns, or scantily clad schoolgirls, are just not in the same realm as the things that pass through most women's heads. The range, depth and breadth of a man's fantasies are limitless – just look at the quantity of male-oriented porn on the market and the size of the sex industry to give you a clue.

While some men will be eager and willing to divulge their sexual wants and desires, other male brains may be harder, or even impossible to pick. So, without further ado, here are his most common fantasies:

Personal Porn

Although most men will gladly enjoy any quality porn, for most there is always one problem with any heterosexual content they are viewing; there is at least one other man's penis in the shot. Although some men go to extreme lengths to avoid this through only viewing solo female or lesbian porn, there happens to be one penis on this planet most men wouldn't mind seeing in action more - their own.

One possible downside of him producing his own sex tape is that it could accidentally (or otherwise) one day show up to friends (or if famous enough, see a dis-enchanted ex-partner release it to the general public!). Although there is no foolproof way to ensure your privacy is maintained long into the future, keeping his penis in the shot will usually reduce his desire to show his friends, and reduce their desire to see them.

Outdoor or Public Sex

Since sex, for most, occurs mostly in the bedroom or other rooms of the house, taking it beyond the walls you live in is a common fantasy for men and women alike. Whether it be in a quiet section of the library, in the woods while on a hike, or in the water of a very public beach, the thrill of the risk factor of getting caught, or being watched, is sure to get the adrenaline pumping and his heart racing like crazy.

If you would like to bring this type of adventure into your sex life (though you are a little wary of jumping straight into the deep-end), fooling around in the car in the right location can be a great way to start. Although the thrill of being caught is definitely exciting, and it may even add to the memory, getting fined by the police is not likely going to make the experience better, so choose carefully!

Good Morning BJ

If you’ve ever woken up next to a male partner, you probably know that they commonly wake up to an extremely erect penis. This creates an excellent opportunity to show him how much you care, and the intensity of the erection will make the stimulation that much better!

Not only does waking up to a partner performing oral allow him to start his day in the best possible fashion, he’ll find it extremely hot that you wanted to play with him so much you couldn’t wait for him to wake up! Follow up with breakfast in bed, and you might just find that his resistance to watching that ‘chick flick’ with you, or virtually anything else he generally avoids, suddenly vanishes...

Anal Sex

If it’s not already at least an occasional occurrence in your bedroom, and you're looking to give your significant other something beyond the norm, the anal sex fantasy could be the spice you’re looking for. While some men will be leery to admit that this is a major fantasy (worrying that it perhaps makes them look curious about homosexuality), most will be quite frank and proud that they've done it and loved it, or are dying to go there. Although there are some men who just aren’t into it, most will light up like a Christmas tree upon hearing you tell them that you want it in the back door!

Dominating You

Although ‘owning slaves’ is taboo in our freedom loving society, most men will admit that there is an allure to having a sexual partner subject to their every will. Ranging from tying you up and blindfolding you, to outright rough sex - perhaps even the rape fantasy, domination can be very exciting for everyone involved. If you are new to this realm of pleasure, it’s generally best to start slow; it’s a lot easier to escalate than to recover from a partner taking things too far!

Being Dominated

What man doesn't love having the tables turned and being totally dominated every now and again? This fantasy runs a broad spectrum, from cutting the routine and taking your man by surprise with a little extra force and gusto – to handcuffs, whips and maybe even taking him from behind with a strap-on (known as pegging).

If your man is generally the one who initiates sexual encounters, taking the initiative as a start should be relatively straightforward. If you already do, bring up a conversation on making him your own personal sex slave, and see where it takes you!

The Multi-Woman Experience

Combining: sex, women, lesbianism, variety, and substantially more attention (just to name a few), it is no surprise that a two, or more, women experience is a top fantasy for most men. In fact, the only things that can best the experience is another one with more ‘elusiveness offerings’ such as twin sister, or combining the experience with another top fantasy such as making a video.

Although you may never be ready to invite one or more of your sisters, or your young attractive mother, into bed with you to fulfill his ultimate fantasy, any additional female that he is attracted to will be well received ... and you might find that you enjoy it just as much as he does – if not more!

Another Woman

While your man may be totally committed and loyal to you, it doesn't mean that he isn't off in la-la land every now and again daydreaming about who else he could have sex with. Sex with the unattainable is a huge turn on for men, renowned for chasing after what is just outside of their reach. Not only that, but sex with someone new is exciting and ventures into the unknown, so it's really a no-brainer that this is a common one for both men and women alike.

The other woman could be any an ex, a friend, a girl that caught his eye at the gym, your mother, sister, cousin, the flight attendant – name just about any attractive girl, and realize he's probably already visualized her in nothing but stilettos and summed up several things he'd like to do to her, in his mind. While women may feel threatened by this on some level, for a man it is a completely natural response. If you would consider giving him a ‘hall pass,’ he may be willing to give you one in return!

Some Last Words

Keep in mind that everyone is different, and he may have some other fantasies of his own that he may not want (or dare) to share. Whatever you man's fantasies may be, with few exceptions, they are completely normal and healthy, and nothing to be intimidated by.

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