Users that use his/her 'G COINS' wisely, gets 10x more chances finding a match for his/her mood.
View Your G Coins Balance
Although the Gistana Moods adult social networking site is free to use, Extra Abilities are advanced features available to all users.

With those G Coins you can promote your profile and get more visibility on Gistana & much more.

Gistana users can purchase those G Coins with any major credit card, PayPal, Skrill and others. Coming Soon
Some Great ways to use your G Coins:

Raise your mood to first place, A busy App makes ur mood tumble down

Title your mood as "Featured", "Featured Mood", Attract Attention...

Super Like a mood, Show up to mood writer, skip the line...

Show your G Coins amount to others, "How rich you are", looks sexy...

Send G Coins to another user, "How generous you are", looks attractive...

You like his/her moods, We shall notify you when "new mood" was added...

Add links to your mood, "ex. your social media profile", looks authentic...

and much much more... All the above and more are on the way..
If you aren't ready to commit to purchasing G Coins for your Extra Abilities, Gistana Moods offers a way to earn them "free" instead, just keep an eye on the upper left-hand side small text bar, you will see "Earn Free G Coins" hints, or use the bellow steps.
How To Get Some Free G Coins Here!!

Verify Your Email Address, and get 6 G Coins

Post a mood, click here and get 12 G Coins

Other free ways are on the way... we feel generous..

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GISTANA MOODS is a growing community of open minded adults looking to satisfy their mutual moods and desires for sexual adventures with new people.

Gistana.com is the best dating website ever.

We encourage people to meet according to their interests, sex displayed as "Moods".

You can flirt and chat online.

A craigslist alternative for adults, gay, lesbian & personals.

Seeking Moods here, not Seeking Arrangements.

• Some Questions we Answer:

What is the best craigslist personal dating alternative/replacement?

Where can I find casual encounters, like in Craigslist?

Where can I find casual encounters, like in Craigslist?

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